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The Product Manager's Career Guide

Lisa Zane
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The 30-day playbook for early product managers to help you design your career consciously.

The exact system I developed to guide my own way through my PM career to define my trajectory, position myself, and land offers while feeling aligned with my purpose and values.

Transitioning into product management and navigating your early career moves is hard, especially when going at it alone. I created this guide so you could have a coach by your side throughout your journey to help you cut through the noise and succeed in ways that are uniquely you.


  • My frameworks, templates, and tools for building a good foundation according to your values, creating your own career roadmap, positioning yourself using your LinkedIn profile, resume, and social channels, organizing job search efforts strategically, building your network, communicating with hiring managers, and creating an impactful highlight reel no matter what background you’re coming from previously
  • Tips directly from product recruiters
  • Interview questions directly from hiring managers

Why did I make this?

  1. This is the guide I WISH I had when I was starting out as a product manager and facing huge challenges after transitioning into product management from biomechanics and journalism, working at early-stage startups, and then joining Google.
  2. I’ve been coaching product managers 1:1 from all over the world and my time is finite. This is the exact system I’ve used to help clients manage transitions, land new jobs, and create clear career paths for themselves
  3. I strongly believe we can be doing a much better job of making conscious decisions around how we build our careers AND the products that we work on

This guide is for you IF:

  • You’ve got <5 years of experience in product management
  • You’re looking for a holistic and intentional approach to building your career that’s right for you

This guide is NOT for you IF:

  • You want to follow someone else’s exact path through a large organization
  • You’re looking for a bootcamp-style program to teach you HOW to become a product manager (I’d recommend looking at In the Lab (12 weeks), Co.Lab (8 weeks), PM Dojo (10 weeks) for this if you are)

30-Day Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with The Product Manager's Career Guide I will gladly refund your money. Email me at Explain why and I'll give you your money back.

Who am I?

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You'll get...

Define Your PM Career North Star Guide + Template (.docx) 🧭
360° Skills Assessment Quiz (.xlsx) ✅
360° Feedback Template (.xlsx) 💬
Wins Tracker Template (.docx) 🙌
Career Roadmap Template (.pptx) 🗺
Unique Value Proposition Guide (.pdf) + Template (.docx) ⚡️
Your Ideal Role Guide (.pdf) + Research Template (.xlsx) 💼
LinkedIn and Resume Guide (.pdf) and Resume Templates (.docx, Figma, Canva & more)) 📝
PM Portfolio Template (.pptx) 📰
Targeted Job Search and Networking Guide (.pdf) 🔎
Application and Follow-Up Tracker (.xlsx)🥾
Interviewing and Case Study Guide with Interview Questions and Mock Case Studies (.pdf) 🤝
One-Pager Interview Cheat Sheet (.pdf) 📄
Lisa's Running List of Conscious Companies to Work For (.xlsx) 🌱


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The Product Manager's Career Guide

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