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Stitch: The Best Resources for Product Managers [✨2023 Edition✨]

Lisa Zane
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Product management is one of the most challenging careers because it is so undefined. Don't waste another minute Googling aimlessly and bouncing from resource - I've done hundreds of hours of work over the past year so you don't have to. Over 2000 curated resources - articles, examples, templates, podcast episodes, and YouTube clips - all in one place.

"I picked up Stitch yesterday and am blown away!! It’s an invaluable resource that I’ll be using not only now, but for years to come. I can’t believe how many amazing resources you have in there. It’s definitely worth its weight in gold!"

- Willi Lundie, Product Manager

 "It is so easy to use and amazing guide! I wish I had it from the first day I started to PM. Specially, I loved the real-world stories, because we read all the theories but we don't know what do we need to expect in the real job. And the list of people worth following is amazing."

-Aysel Kazimova, Product Manager

"It's a huge resource! Incredible actually! Lisa this is WOW! Holy smokes what a lot of valuable content!"

-Malcolm Williams, Aspiring Product Manager

A streamlined approach to finding the information you need to help you in your career, organized to follow your product management career journey.

Who is this for?

Early-stage PMs with 0-5 years of experience.

Use This Guide:

  • To learn how to become a product manager and which bootcamps, APM programs, and side projects will help you get there
  • To learn from a massive collection of real-world product stories from the trenches of Airbnb, Slack, Facebook, Netflix, Figma, Stripe, and more
  • To know definitively who you should be following and connecting with in the product space to expedite your learning 
  • To stay in the loop with the best newsletters to read, product communities to join, podcasts to listen to, and Youtube channels to subscribe to to accelerate your career
  • When you’re applying for a new role and need help with your resume and LinkedIn profile, interview prep, case studies, salary research, and negotiation
  • What to think about when starting in your first PM role
  • When needing to upskill in areas like product discovery, defining product vision and strategy, measuring success, roadmapping and prioritization people skills, product development processes, and more
  • To learn how to build products and your career more consciously

I’ve gone DEEP into the crevices of the internet to find the best, most valuable, actionable information for you to have immediately, in an easy-to-digest format so that you can learn how to:

➡️ Land your next role

➡️ Get a promotion

➡️ Negotiate a higher salary

➡️ Build products that are more accessible, ethical, and inclusive

...and more!

I shared the first version of this guide last year and it was downloaded over 1000 times:

This updated version contains more resources, better organization, and more sections to help you level up your PM career, including:

  • Real-World Product Stories
  • How to Break into Product Management
  • People Worth Following
  • Positioning: Resume, LinkedIn, and Your Portfolio
  • Interviewing and Case Studies
  • Salary and Negotiation
  • Networking and Building Relationships
  • Imposter Syndrome and Limiting Beliefs
  • Problem Finding and Framing (Deciding WHY Something Needs to Be Built)
  • Product Discovery (Deciding What to Build)
  • Product Vision, Strategy, and Pillars
  • Product Briefs, Roadmaps, Requirements, and Prioritization
  • Measuring Success
  • Product Growth
  • Product Pricing
  • Team Structure
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Decision Making
  • Analyzing Data
  • Creativity
  • Product Development Processes and Frameworks
  • Product Design and UX
  • Product Engineering
  • Conscious Product Development
  • A Full Toolkit Organized by Tool Category (i.e. Customer Feedback and Insights, Roadmaps, Task Tracking and Prioritization, Building Prototypes, etc.)

Here's a sneak peek (I walk through the entire Table of Contents):

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Stitch: The Best Resources for Product Managers [✨2023 Edition✨]

2 ratings
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