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BUNDLE: The Product Manager's Career Guide AND Stitch: Resources for Product Managers

Lisa Zane
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Introducing a new PRODUCT BUNDLE:

The Product Manager's Career Guide: The 30-day playbook for early product managers to help you design your career consciously.


Stitch: The Best Resources for Product Managers: Over 2000 carefully curated product manager resources organized by product area to help you find the information you need, when you need it.

"The PM's Career Guide does not only provide clarity on what to focus on - it does something more fundamentally important: it helps you define your Career North Star according to your values, and comes with tools to plan and track your goals. I definitely recommend it to any aspiring or current PM!"

- Abdel Karam, Product Manager, TomTom

"I have been following Lisa for months now and I recently purchased her PM's Career Guide. It is chrystal clear and actionable and it helped me revise my profile and narrative. I recommend using this if you want to craft a meaningful career according to your own unique values - we need more conscious leaders and this is a good starting point to become one of them!"

Helena Sierra Blández, Digital Product Management and Design

"I picked up Stitch yesterday and am blown away!! It’s an invaluable resource that I’ll be using not only now, but for years to come. I can’t believe how many amazing resources you have in there. It’s definitely worth its weight in gold!"

- Willi Lundie, Product Manager

 "It is so easy to use and amazing guide! I wish I had it from the first day I started to PM. Specially, I loved the real-world stories, because we read all the theories but we don't know what do we need to expect in the real job. And the list of people worth following is amazing."

-Aysel Kazimova, Product Manager

These guides are for you IF:

  • You’ve got an aspiring product manager or have <5 years of experience in product management
  • You’re looking for a holistic and intentional approach to building your career that’s right for you

These guides are NOT for you IF:

  • You want to follow someone else’s exact path through a large organization
  • You’re looking for a bootcamp-style program to teach you HOW to become a product manager (I’d recommend looking at In the Lab (12 weeks), Co.Lab (8 weeks), PM Dojo (10 weeks) for this if you are)

30-Day Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with The Product Manager's Career Guide or Stitch I will gladly refund your money. Email me at Explain why and I'll give you your money back.

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You'll get...

Define Your PM Career North Star Guide + Template (.docx) 🧭
360° Skills Assessment Quiz (.xlsx) ✅
360° Feedback Template (.xlsx) 💬
Wins Tracker Template (.docx) 🙌
Career Roadmap Template (.pptx) 🗺
Unique Value Proposition Guide (.pdf) + Template (.docx) ⚡️
Your Ideal Role Guide (.pdf) + Research Template (.xlsx) 💼
LinkedIn and Resume Guide (.pdf) and Resume Templates (.docx, Figma, Canva & more)) 📝
PM Portfolio Template (.pptx) 📰
Targeted Job Search and Networking Guide (.pdf) 🔎
Application and Follow-Up Tracker (.xlsx)🥾
Interviewing and Case Study Guide with Interview Questions and Mock Case Studies (.pdf) 🤝
One-Pager Interview Cheat Sheet (.pdf) 📄
Lisa's Running List of Conscious Companies to Work For (.xlsx) 🌱
Stitch: Resources for PMs 📚


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BUNDLE: The Product Manager's Career Guide AND Stitch: Resources for Product Managers

2 ratings
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