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60 minute 1:1 Product Coaching Session

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I lead with empathy, creativity, and curiosity.

I believe we can be doing a much better job of approaching our careers more consciously.

I provide support in areas like:

  • Breaking into product management
  • Resume and LinkedIn reviews
  • Job search strategies
  • Mock interviews
  • Career transitions for junior and mid-to-senior level product managers
  • 1:1 support for challenges you are dealing with in your current product management role
  • Time and focus management
  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Documentation and processes

I am hands on and connect the WHY + WHAT + HOW by asking questions to help you understand yourself, providing practical tools and frameworks to turn your intentions into habits immediately, and helping you structure what to focus on, when to cut through the confusion.

Product management is highly varied, so I meet you where you’re at and work in flexible format. Want to record a session so you have it for future reference? Let’s do it! Need feedback on a document? Send it to me for review!

After a session I'll send you notes and feedback based on what we discussed so you'll have it to refer to after our call.

***If you purchase a session, you'll receive a link to book with me via Calendly.***

If no times work or you change your mind, I'll give you a full refund.

Any questions? Send me an email -

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1 x 60 minute Google Meet Call


60 minute 1:1 Product Coaching Session

0 ratings
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